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The Fest Dressed

The Fest Earplugs

The Fest Earplugs

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Experience ultimate versatility with The Fest Earplugs on the market! These earplugs are not only stylish, but also functional - never lose your earplugs again! Perfect for festivals, travel or everyday use, these earrings are a must-have accessory for anyone prone to losing their earplugs. Say goodbye to rummaging through your bag for earplugs. Say goodbye to frantically searching for them when you drop on the ground in the dark.  Say hello to convenience.



High-Fidelity earplugs: High-Fidelity ensures your ears are protected while enhancing the quality of sound. Prevent hearing damage and still be able to hear the music clearly!

• These earrings have a 23 dB sound reduction rating.

Did you know? Hearing damage is permanent. Damage to your hearing occurs at just 80 dB of sound. Concerts, festivals, and other loud events come in at 90-100 dB! With a 23 dB sound reduction, these earplugs put you just under the tolerable limit — the perfect amount of sound filtration. Elevate your experience in the comfort of knowing your hearing is protected.



The ring clasp feature allows you to decide whether you want to hook The Fest Earplugs onto any existing pair of earrings, or choose to hook them onto your glasses using the rubber attachments.

• Each pair of earplugs come with one set of earring hooks and two sets of rubber attachments (clear and black).

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