About Us

Hey Hi Hello,


My name is Aly. My first festival was EDC Orlando back in 2015, and my past self as I knew it was over from there (in the best way). I guess you could say I’m a ✨rave mom✨ now? 

I founded The Fest Dressed in an effort to share my ideas with the festival community. My ADHD-driven brain has thought of SO many creative inventions, and I wanted to find a way to bring joy and peace to others. 

I’m a new business owner and therefore still have a long way to go until I feel like I have it “figured out” or have perfected it to the point of satisfaction. Lol, is anyone ever really satisfied though?

Anything and everything encompassing The Fest Dressed thus far is 100% me. I never realized how much work it takes to just barely get started 😳 Finding the right suppliers, finding the best quality for my products, making the products, keeping up with inventory, staying organized, logistics, finances, taxes, sales tax (yes they’re different), branding, social media, marketing.. The list goes on, and I intend to add more products in the future! Ooof. Please be patient with me, I’m trying my best 😅

My ultimate goal is to become a vendor at festivals and one day be able to make a living solely off of this business, but for now I will continue to slowly build The Fest Dressed and forever spread positive vibes 🫶🏻

Hopefully I’ll get to meet you someday! 

With Love,
- Aly